Microencapsulation of oxidation sensitive food ingredients

On May 15th 2018 we proudly presented at our booth T167 at the Vitafoods Europe Show in Geneva some possibilities of Microencapsulation for the formulation of oxidation sensitive substances. Therefore we combined the expertise of professionals from three companies.

After a short overview on the method of Matrix-Encapsulation you could learn about the advantageous use of special modified starches followed by an introduction to the principles of the Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy (ESR) - an efficient analytical tool for the product development. All with special focus on the encapsulation/stabilization of oxidation sensitive actives.

Many thanks to all visitors for joining in this extraordinary event and for the very interesting discussions that followed after.

Special thanks to our dear guests Fred Heinze (Ingredion) for giving insight into the material background of microencapsulation and to Katinka Jung for introducing ESR as an efficient analytical tool for the product development and Gematrias consulting services for scientific product optimization.


by courtesy of Gematria

by courtesy of Gematria

presented on May 15th on Stand T167 at Vitafoods 2018, Palexpo, Geneva, CH

by courtesy of Gematria

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