The pomegranate protects its kernels efficiently by a dense impermeable layer. Together with the inner skin the solid outer shell stabilizes the densly packed kernels in their structure and thus protects them against mechanical stress.

A good packaging is the main requirement for safe handling of hazardous materials. If powder particles are involved a »packaging« of each single core by adding a coating is not feasible. However, if these particles are compacted to granules and pellets they can easily be covered with a protective film. Thus, a sensitization of people handling allergen or irritating materials can be prevented. The forming of dust and the danger of dust explosion are reliably avoided by the compact structure which is stable against abrasion and the additional coating of the granules.


The wet granulation in the high shear mixer and the pelletizing in the extruder create compact mechanically stable granules and pellets. The forming of dust by abrasion in the process chain can thus be avoided. By applying an additional coating the surface is covered and the hazard when handling allergic and toxic products is minimized.


  • Dustfree
  • Stable even at elevated filling height
  • Low abrasion
  • Suitable particle form for layering