Optimization phase / Scale Up

During this phase, we work together with you to optimize the quality of the product. Process and formulation are coordinated - always with the aim of achieving a stable, economical production process.

The parameters determined during the optimization phase are transposed step-by-step to the production process. Using a medium trial size of around 20 kg, the product quantities manufactured can also be used for sampling purposes.

Test production is performed in order to transpose the tested processes to full production scale. This masterbatch is used to determine all process parameters and necessary ancillary processes such as sieving, packaging etc. Process times and yield are determined and all the relevant information collated in a manufacturing specification. This step is fundamental to ensuring manufacturing reproducibility. By precisely documenting the process, seamless traceability is ensured.


IPC offers the right type of intermediate industrial packaging for your product. Depending on the regulatory demands and the required storage specifics we offer a variety of primary and secondary packaging materials:

  • Big Bags (FIBCs)
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Drums
  • various Inliners (PE, Alu-compound bags)