Perfect solubility

The blackberry is an aggregate fruit consisting of many tiny stone fruits.  A comparable structure is created by the agglomeration of dust particles in the fluidbed. The powder particles connected to each other improve the flowability and solubility of fine powders. Thus, the right structure determines the success of your product.

Porous granules

Fine powders tend to form lumps when they are brought in contact with liquids. These can only be dispersed by appropriate stirring techniques and high shear forces. The solubility of fine powdwers can be enhanced by Agglomeration into porous granulates. These sink into the liquid easily and allow the fluid to penetrate the capillaries. Moreover an improved flowability minimizes dust pollution during handling and provides better dosing properties.

Your benefits:

  • Fast solubility
  • Low bulk density
  • Suitable for tabletting
  • Good flowability