Layer by layer the onion surrounds its core.

Drying liquids by Spraygranulation provides a similar product structure. Here, an agglomeration core is created from fine spraydried particles generated by atomizing the liquid. Due to the continuous wetting of the core with liquid droplets a compact flowable granule is built up layer by layer.

For the drying of liquids spraydrying is State of the Art. The result is a fine powder of up to 200 µm, with good solubility but mechanically not stable. Larger, flowable and compact granules are desirable for many applications. Here, the combination of drying + granulation in the fluid bed has a considerable advantage. Furthermore the lower temperatures used in a fluid bed process facilitate the drying of heat sensitive products.

Pure pellet

Spraygranulation, a combination of drying and granulation in the fluid bed, is the process to be chosen for extremely sticky products. The compact, larger-sized granulates of the final product have excellent flowing properties. Due to the reduced surface the hygroscopicity is lowered and stickiness of the final product avoided. For sensitive materials the dense structure of the particles offers an additional protection against oxidation.


  • Highly active pellet
  • Dustfree
  • Mechanically stable
  • Compact