Granules built up of powder.

  • Dustfree
  • Ideal flowability and dosability
  • Excellent solubility
  • Highly suitable for tabletting
  • Low bulk density
  • Controllable grain size distribuiton

Process principle

Agglomeration in the fluid bed is a common process for building up granules from fines. In this process, the powder is moistened in order to form liquid bridges between the particles. As a result of the loosening of the surface, or by the addition of binders in the solvent, the granules are stabilized after drying.

Due to the relatively low mechanical compression in the fluid bed, the agglomerates / granules are free flowing, have a low bulk density and offer excellent water solubility.

Compact granules can be manufactured by high mechanical compaction using the wet granulation technique in the high shear mixer. Effective subsequent drying takes place in the fluid bed.